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About us

Aaltonen - o firmie

Aaltonen, a 360° full-speed car turn, not only looks effective, but also proves a driver's professionalism and craftsmanship. Sometimes this trick can help you to steer out of a skid by turning the car, when there is no time or space left for speed adjusting manoeuvres.

Aaltonen - the leader in B2B sector

Aaltonen Team Sp. z o.o was founded in 2008. The Company operates on the B2B market, specialising in logistic and distribution services for car importers and their dealer networks.



Aaltonen - produkty

The Company supplies tyres, rims and complete wheels for car showrooms, car service workshops and automotive stores, as well as to the leading dealer networks and importers.

- Tyres: Pirelli, Bridgestone Group, Continental Group, Goodyear Group , Michelin Group, Hankook, Nokian
- Rims: Ronal, ATS, Anzio
- Car accessories:

- Roof luggage racks: Thule, Taurus, Cam
- Bicycle carriers: Thule, Taurus
- Car batteries: Varta, Banner
- Oils: Valvoline, Petronas
- Snow chains: Veriga, Taurus 


Aaltonen - kontakt

Our office is open

Mon-fri: 8:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 8:00 - 14:00

Email: office@aaltonen.pl

Helpline: +48 22 77 666 66

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